Cheetah Charcoal

This charcoal is obtained from Namibian hardwood when grasslands on farms are cleared from encroaching thorn bush trees e.g. Acacia Mellifera or Black Thorn and alien invasive species like Prosopis. The encroacher timber species are harvested and carbonised in circular steel kilns to produce long burning charcoal.

The shrubs and trees are selected and measured very carefully. These are not removed from the surface of the land completely. Some shrubs and trees are left as they grew in an original distance from each other. Biodiversity therefore increases. Stems which are thicker than 18cm are not be removed.

The process

After the trees have been felled and cut into suitable sizes, the wood needs to dry out preferably for about one month before it can be stacked into the kiln. 1 ton of charcoal is obtained from 5 tons of wood. The charcoal burns or smoulders for about 3 days. Thereafter the charcoal is spread out for 3 days to cool off before it is sorted and transported to the packing site. Subsequently the charcoal is packed into bags according to the desired sizes and the client’s requirements.

The package sizes for our trade mark bags:
Charcoal for barbeque 4 kg
Charcoal for Restaurant barbeque 10kg

Proudly FSC® certified &  proud member of the Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA)

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Premium-Quality Charcoal

The exceptionally long burning process results in its special properties.
This charcoal is of silvery-grey colour with a shiny surface and is almost clean to the touch. Two pieces of charcoal knocked against each other produce a clear, glassy sound. When used for barbecuing, there is hardly any smoke or sparking but long-lasting heat.

How premium-quality charcoal is produced:

In short, charcoal is created through degassing and combustion through controlled and reduced oxygen supply.

Several factors have an effect on the high quality of the final product: the temperature throughout the pyrolysis process as well as its length and final temperature, the type of wood used, oven size and size of the wood pieces.

A charcoal burner has to be highly experienced as the production process for this type of high-quality charcoal takes 8 days (as opposed to 3 days for regular charcoal).

The yield is higher than with the standard charcoal production method, with 2.5 tons of wood resulting in 1 ton of charcoal.

Types of wood used: Unlike standard Namibian charcoal which is made mainly from acacia wood, this premium-quality charcoal can also be produced from other types of wood like Mushara and Yellow Wood.

Premium-quality charcoal is very popular with restaurants because it consists of large pieces, provides long-lasting heat and emits hardly any smoke.

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