Charcoal in Namibia GROUP

The company Cheetah Charcoal cc, situated in Otjiwarongo, Namibia offers a versatile service. From briquette production to distribution of charcoal/briquettes, logistics, containers, administration, weighbridge, as well as a full service for the charcoal/briquette producer and the consumer – we do it all!

We pick up the charcoal/briquettes at the producer, pack the product into commercial bags, load the bags into containers, load the container onto the truck, weigh the container on the weighbridge before they are transported to the railway (TransNamib) and off to the habour of Walvis Bay. Our logistic agents in Walvis Bay attend to and control the process. They take care of the habour and custom procedures so that the product reaches our clients oversees timeously.

All products are pure Namibian and are packed locally. We are creating jobs for locals and bring an appraisal to our community.

Maintaining an environmental friendly and well planned principle!

In 2010 Family W. Diekmann started to produce charcoal on their farm in order to reduce bush encroachment. Gradually they gained knowledge and experience dealing therefore with the encroachment of bush and shrubs in Namibia.

The theme of bush encroachment originated gradually in the 1900s, as cattle overgrazing increased. The fauna and flora changed due to colonisation as cattle were introduced. Indigenous species like kudu, giraffe, black rhino feed on grass and leaves while cattle feed mainly on grass. The biodiversity therefore decreased.

According to a study by UNIDO the agricultural productivity in Namibia decreased by two thirds due to bush encroachment, the increase is visible on 45 million hectare land in Namibia. This has severe consequences on the total ecosystem, which also resulted in the shrinking of groundwater resources. The daily water consumption of a bush or tree is approximately 66 liter per day.

Due to the large size of the farms it is a challenge to find enough capable farmworkers, who have the necessary knowledge to reduce the bush invasion or who are prepared to learn to fight encroachment. For the unskilled farmworker without vocational training this branch of agriculture offers income for the whole family. We are registered with the BSCI and maintain social ethical standards. With all its consequences, the overall charcoal industry in Namibia has developed into a big economic sector.

Charcoal manufactured in Namibia consists mainly of 100% bush an 0% rain forest. The wood in Namibia is neither used to manufacture furniture nor has it any other usage. Locally it is used for fire wood and the production of charcoal for the export market.

Guidelines for the production of charcoal in Namibia protecting the environment can be found in the following link Namibian Charcoal Association NCA.

Cheetah Charcoal cc has a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certificate. This is an internationally accredited certification which sets out rules and regulations for forestry.

Important to note is, that presently huge farming areas are treated with chemicals to remove the encroaching bush. The consequences of hormone treatment are to date still unknown. Valuable biomass is destroyed.

Rules and regulations regarding harvesting of species and procedures of charcoal production from wood ie bushes and schrubs can be found here.

A Certificate by the Forest Stewardhip Council® (FSC®) is necessary for the export whereby it declares that an environmental friendly method is used to harvest and a responsible commitment of sustainability is made. Competent FSC® experts do site inspections on each farm and investigate the procedures on the farms on a regular basis. The professionals help and train producers and their employees to guarantee the correct hand selected harvesting, follow-up and aftercare procedures which are an important pre-requisite of a possible renewable process.

It is important to take note regarding the production: The wood treated with hormone substances causing a reaction to reduce the further growth of the shrub is not accepted for any charcoal production.

Since 2013 Cheetah Charcoal cc has been trading, improving and packing charcoal in Otjiwarongo, Namibia for the export market.

In 2017 the company in Otjiwarongo in the industrial area was founded, consisting of a weigh bridge 2 km outside the town, an office in the Trans Namib Building and 118 employees.

A new production plant for the briquettes was established in 2019 in Usakos. In order to use the arid dry sunny region on the edge of the desert for drying out the briquettes the production was moved. Meanwhile 84 Persons are employed there. A refuge recycling project is linked to the site. A modern recycling method is planned for the future.

Cheetah Charcoal cc has achieved using the railway as means of transport within Namibia, avoiding therefore road transport. The advantage is transporting bigger amounts and being environment friendly. Due to the professional and friendly co-operation between Trans Namib and the shipping companies, the waiting and storage time has been reduced. The plan of action is: from the farm into the container per railway directly on to the ship to the client.

We have been certified with different certifications including the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) license no FSC-C138837.

Please feel free to contact us. We are there for you and will gladly advise you on any of our services and products proudly manufactured Namibia.