Cheetah Charcoal cc and sustainability

It is becoming more and more important for the end user to be sure that they are using products that are sustainable. Sustainable by nature, produced in a sustainable way as well as sustainable in the supply chain.

Our products provide you with ecological and social sustainability that meet the requirements of the global markets.

Our company and most products are therefore FSC certified and amfori BSCI audited. These two certifications are world leaders in ensuring our sustainability on a day-to-day basis through regular reviews by independent auditors.

FSC® Forest Stewardship Council

We, as well as our suppliers, work in accordance with the following 10 FSC-principles of forestry:


Principle 1: Compliance with forestry legislation and the FSC principles.


Principle 2: Long-term ownership and usage rights to land and forest resources should be clearly defined, documented, and have a solid legal base.


Principle 3: Respecting the rights of indigenous peoples.


Principle 4: Forest management should maintain or increase the social and economic well-being of those working in the forest and the local population in the long term.


Principle 5: Economic efficiency and a diverse product range


Principle 6: Guarantee of biodiversity, protective functions of the forest and protection of the landscape


Principle 7: Creation and implementation of a management plan


Principle 8: Control through appropriate documentation and assessment of sustainability


Principle 9: Preservation of forests with a high conservation value


Principle 10: As a supplement to more natural forms of cultivation, plantations can provide social and economic advantages and reduce the pressure on natural forests.

It is difficult for farmers in Africa to implement these principles comprehensibly and in accordance with FSC-standards without additional professional support. We at Cheetah Charcoal cc are aware of this and in cooperation with the FSC®, are able to offer farmers the information and assistance they need.

Our FSC® manager Hugo Haussmann is happy to provide information in this regard and looks forward to your call.

00264 81 240 50 83

Lusia is responsible for certifications.

amfori BSCI

Social grievances in international supply chains are topics that a repeatedly reported in the media. Dire working conditions, poor pay and child labour are just some of the keywords that are mentioned again and again.

Even if Namibia, as a developing country, does not appear on the World Bank’s World Governance Index of countries at risk of social grievances, we do not want to leave any doubts in our production facilities and have therefore been audited by amfori BSCI for many years and are regularly checked by independent auditors.

A review of the social standards means that 13 fixed performance areas from the management structure, fair wages and working hours, to child labour and discrimination, are being assessed. Many points are confirmed by management through policies, others are documented regularly. Workers have rights of co-determination and hold regular meetings to discuss their problems.

Depending on the result of an audit, there is a review of the findings after one year or a completely new audit after two years. This ensures a positive development for years to come. Registered members of amfori BSCI, can access the findings report of an audit on an internet platform.

Amfori is the world’s leading business association for transparent and sustainable trade. Through the BSCI audit, amfori ensures and strengthens social sustainability in our supply chains. There are over 2,500 registered members worldwide with the majority based in Europe and a clear focus on Germany which makes up 40% of the European membership.

We are also happy to offer our information and preparation service for amfori BSCI.

Please feel free to contact us. We are there for you and will gladly advise you on any of our services and products proudly manufactured Namibia.